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new website

2016-10-31 15:21:07 by Sherbalex

i now own

it will eventually be a portfolio.

Check out "Bad Taste" in Decembers issue of Scream Magazine!!!



2016-01-17 12:55:48 by Sherbalex

my next bit will be about a manmade paraphysical reality bending monstrosity that breaks free from its confines in a labratory and tears a pregnant drug addled prosititute to peices. spoiled it for you. utilizing brand new techniques in flash (mx/cs3) to acheive a few incredibly novel effects for light and form that i doubt anyone else has ever done in flash, or in anything really, and are perfectly suited to a paraphysical reality bending monstrosity (engine before idea - john carmack) i'm using irfanviews PNG exporter as well (choice of what color is transparent, amazing shit is possible with this). i cannot wait to get started, just have to finish this game first.

Bad Taste

2015-02-01 01:59:20 by Sherbalex

Alright so the game ive been working on is Bad Taste, starring Kenny and Spenny. info here give us a vote if youre a steam user. check out the latest trailer as well you have my word that the finished product will definitly be worth at least one play through, im going to really invest something special into the final boss, the cinematics, and some of the more grotesque enemies and deaths. it will be pretty fun. one thing worth mentioning, most enemies will have projectile attacks, zombies will vomit at you. keep that in mind, because without that gameplay element in there, if all they can do is melee, it would be a pretty dull thing. also that spenny face poster was not supposed to be released as a peice of promotional material. seriously. 

im working on a game now

2013-08-31 08:09:42 by Sherbalex

and what a game it is. more info forthcoming when im allowed to talk.

blah blah blah

2013-07-02 16:25:10 by Sherbalex

working on films, paintings, etc

Pico Day

2013-05-06 12:47:09 by Sherbalex

What a great fucking thing that was.

To Tom, thanks for the invite, it was fuckin swell.

To Stamper, sorry for being a bit too gushy, I think I made you a bit uneasy, didn't mean for that to happen.

To the dudes I hung around with on Friday, that was great stuff. Hopefully we can do it again.

To Mr. Utah, cheer the fuck up.

To NegativeOne, please refer to my new profile pic.

To VicariousE, great meeting you in person, hope to do it again

To all the other people who I exchanged a few words with here and there, have a good one.

If there is a next year, I'll do a bit more than sit around on a couch drawing heahaheaheaheahe

EDIT: To Luis and Mindchamber, you guys rule

New film next week

2013-03-18 04:53:08 by Sherbalex

probably next saturday. I have alot more faith in this project than I had with Diptera. Never again, never again.


2013-03-12 03:49:26 by Sherbalex

You know where to find it


2013-03-06 20:50:37 by Sherbalex

its a real fly deal, son.

lots of new work coming soon.

Allow SBLX into your imagination. Let me forge your interpretations of reality.

Go watch "The Worst" right now, even if youve seen it before.


2013-01-26 14:41:02 by Sherbalex .mp4

i bought 100 crickets. there are 50 in that bag.

i will sautee 50 of them, and dry roast the other 50.