2016-01-17 12:55:48 by Sherbalex

my next bit will be about a manmade paraphysical reality bending monstrosity that breaks free from its confines in a labratory and tears a pregnant drug addled prosititute to peices. spoiled it for you. utilizing brand new techniques in flash (mx/cs3) to acheive a few incredibly novel effects for light and form that i doubt anyone else has ever done in flash, or in anything really, and are perfectly suited to a paraphysical reality bending monstrosity (engine before idea - john carmack) i'm using irfanviews PNG exporter as well (choice of what color is transparent, amazing shit is possible with this). i cannot wait to get started, just have to finish this game first.


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2016-01-17 17:43:51

I don't understand anything of what you just said XD


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2016-01-18 14:11:51

This should be interesting.

Sherbalex responds:

too bad words dont mean shit in visual art. i might post proof of concept stuff but then id be giving it all away. still, im rather confident with my procedures for controlling light, form and perspective, that it will be quite a thing to see. years of theory and study going into it.

the next step after this will be using these techniques alongside stereoscoping imaging, but just confined to red/cyan since i think greytinted-lense type stereoscopics is way way out of my league for years to come. control of planes and light in a flat sense (2d in suggested 3d space) AND stereoscopicly? i get revved up with excitement just thinking about it. the crazy shit that can be done.

am i the only one who spergs over this shit. well i made The Worst so i guess so.


2016-01-19 13:49:48

good luck! :P


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2016-09-06 17:26:07

how the fuck in all these months have i not clicked your profile and seen all of what you've been throwing at NG???? REALLY. It's beyond me, here I am singing high praises thinking you were gone, working full steam on your game when there's allllllll this content to catch up on. Unbelievable, me. Anyway glad to finally know, even if I feel like a dumbass for not checking. Keep it up, everything I'm seeing is fucking awesome as usual.