Entry #51

new website

2016-10-31 15:21:07 by Sherbalex

i now own www.retard.pizza

it will eventually be a portfolio.

Check out "Bad Taste" in Decembers issue of Scream Magazine!!!



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2016-11-01 06:13:45

I think you're the first person I see to use one of those new domains! XD Creative.


2016-11-04 17:25:51

Was it expensive? Hope the site coding goes well!
How's 'Bad Taste' coming along?? Tried to get Celx to keep up his NG presence/exploitation, but he seems content to duke it out in his own corner...


2016-11-30 00:49:23

Hey Sherb, any way we can contact you casually? Your twitter looks pretty dead.

Game looks great, though! Knew it was your artwork when I saw it.