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im ready.


2012-07-24 01:19:36 by Sherbalex

another piece is coming next week, look out for it.

in other news, that thing won daily 4th. how bizzare.

8 years ago on the synj forums there were Weekly Animation challenges, and the audio clip from Oh My Goodness was provided with the instructions to animate to it. 75f8f69ce993fce583fe that was mine.

ill make a new one in another 8 years

the fly

2012-06-19 04:10:45 by Sherbalex
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more to come


2012-06-15 01:49:50 by Sherbalex
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2012-06-11 13:24:01 by Sherbalex
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2012-06-09 17:54:57 by Sherbalex 8ac5e5bfbf0c97f0cdb8

Next film

2012-06-05 20:33:23 by Sherbalex 612a660420b0668cb63c (no background or other things present yet)

a taste of whats to come. Im not developing any special technique for this film so it might be out by the end of summer, maybe. Ill try.


2012-05-28 23:19:28 by Sherbalex

My work will be posted there from now on as well, so go and subscribe!


2012-05-26 09:20:31 by Sherbalex

I've got a short bit coming soon, as soon as the music is made for it. More short animated pieces will arrive soon after.

Plans are underway for my next films. I'm not sure if I'm going to continue developing the technique i created in The Worst or try something new. that technique has room to grow, but fuck does it take time and alot of analysis.

also im going to need to buy a better monitor before i start. This one im using now is pretty awful, especially for gradients (i started The Worst with a good monitor but it died.. hence why the contrast in some scenes dropped, i just couldnt do it) i should also invest in a Pantone Huey. if you want to help out with either of these things, its

today is the day

2012-05-23 09:26:30 by Sherbalex