Bad Taste

2015-02-01 01:59:20 by Sherbalex

Alright so the game ive been working on is Bad Taste, starring Kenny and Spenny. info here give us a vote if youre a steam user. check out the latest trailer as well you have my word that the finished product will definitly be worth at least one play through, im going to really invest something special into the final boss, the cinematics, and some of the more grotesque enemies and deaths. it will be pretty fun. one thing worth mentioning, most enemies will have projectile attacks, zombies will vomit at you. keep that in mind, because without that gameplay element in there, if all they can do is melee, it would be a pretty dull thing. also that spenny face poster was not supposed to be released as a peice of promotional material. seriously. 


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2015-02-01 03:43:35

this looks amazing so far! can't wait for this to get greenlit and released!


2015-02-02 00:57:33

Damn bro, it all looks very good!! Now get with the exploitation, harangue Tom for all the FP time you kin get (as well as an affiliation to NG's Steam page)! Blackmail anyone you've ever known! Sell bunnies for pets or food!

Frame rate looks a tad choppy, and some of the VA VO work is nearly drowned out by the excellent musical score, but otherwise, a very attractive crowdfunding ad!

Give Mr. Requin my regards as well, shame we never met up at the NG office :( Now I'm glad I gave up and joined Steam, consider me voted.


2015-02-13 10:19:14

voted for it, not going to buy it though :]


2015-04-24 13:38:28



2015-08-22 20:21:29

I remember you from the christmas short movie! Great stuff!