Pico Day

2013-05-06 12:47:09 by Sherbalex

What a great fucking thing that was.

To Tom, thanks for the invite, it was fuckin swell.

To Stamper, sorry for being a bit too gushy, I think I made you a bit uneasy, didn't mean for that to happen.

To the dudes I hung around with on Friday, that was great stuff. Hopefully we can do it again.

To Mr. Utah, cheer the fuck up.

To NegativeOne, please refer to my new profile pic.

To VicariousE, great meeting you in person, hope to do it again

To all the other people who I exchanged a few words with here and there, have a good one.

If there is a next year, I'll do a bit more than sit around on a couch drawing heahaheaheaheahe

EDIT: To Luis and Mindchamber, you guys rule


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2013-05-06 13:33:00

Next year I'll sit on an orange couch.

Sherbalex responds:

ha ha ha


2013-05-06 13:40:26

Nice meeting you dude. The site you wrote down for me doesn't have anything on it yet.

We posted your drawing you made for Zeebarf here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1015 1927412089968.1073741825.324224509967&type =1


2013-05-06 13:40:46

Nice meeting you dude. The site you wrote down for me doesn't have anything on it yet. We posted your drawing you made for Zeebarf on the FB page for ClickShake.


2013-05-06 13:41:49

Yikes! My browser was acting like it wasn't posting. Sorry for that!

Sherbalex responds:

no worries dude


2013-05-06 14:45:02

nice to finally meet you man, stay eccentric dude, I love ya.

Sherbalex responds:

oh fuck i forgot to put you and luis in the greets list, fuck im a moron, sorry dude!


2013-05-06 17:50:49

You and Emily were quite the pair, after I pussied out and split for the hotel.... I still have "Helikestofuckcouches" favorited. Shame I didn't make a copy :( Next year, I'm going to do some "heavy looking on", to see how you can produce such vibrant work!


2013-05-06 18:09:07

Ah yes, I remember you! Couch Guy!


2013-05-06 18:09:20

Well you did do some pretty good t drawings while you were sitting on that couch for like 13 hours.


2013-05-06 19:10:44

hi sherby


2013-05-06 19:10:47

hi sherby


2013-05-07 04:09:56

hasn't sitting on a couch and drawing become your sole purpose on all future Pico Day's? It's personalities that you that make these days entertaining. :P At least that's what they say, I wasn't even there.. looked like fun though!